Fairy Lights

Fairy Lights turn any drab event into the ultimate homely, rustic affair. They create an unrivaled atmosphere that is sure to wow your guests at a surprisingly affordable price! Give us a call and find out more.

Wedding Festoon 2.jpg

Festoon Bulb Lights

Bulbs hanging over your tables is a cozy, barnyard dream. Matches perfectly with warm wooden accents and neutral floral arrangements to create the ultimate rustic setting.

Wedding Lanterns.jpg

Lantern Lighting

Aerial Lanterns match with floor and table candles to create an irresistible setting. If this is truly a special event, give it the treatment it deserves and wow your guests with an unforgettable evening.

soft ambient lighting.jpg

Tree Lighting

Who would have thought that something as simple as wrapping a tree in warm lighting can make such a difference? Adorning every square centimeter of a tree with beads of light is an arduous task that takes many hours but one that our team is all to happy to undertake in our task to curate the perfect event.

Fairy 2.jpg

Stellar Combinations

When you combine several types of string lighting, you can throw an event that will enter into generational folklore! That’s right, we can help you make it absolutely otherworldly. Call us and let’s chat over coffee.