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Premium Sound

Our Sound Systems are tailor-engineered solutions that fit any and every application. We have systems that range from a basic home party of 30 to ones that can handle concerts in the thousands. Give us a call and one of our engineers will specify the perfect solution for your event.

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Lighting is the quite possibly the most important factor in setting the right atmosphere for an event. From soft and warm ambiance to party beams, we stock all the fixtures in-house and have countless hours of experience in programming the right mood.


LED Screens

Our LED walls can be customized to any size requirements. An on site programmer will also ensure your content appears exactly how you want it at the right precise moments. Several streams of content can also be shown at once using screen splits and compartments.

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We customize stages to our clients’ demands. No design is too outlandish so if you dream it up or see it somewhere else, we’d be happy to manufacture it for you.

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Booths & Furniture

Sometimes your event is missing a bit of the miscellaneous. Give us a call cause chances are.. we have it!


DJ & Band Equipment

Often times your entertainers aren’t quite equipped to do what they need to do. This is where we come in. We stock DJ Equipment, Mics, DI boxes, all the cables and miscellaneous wires that any musician could possibly need. Just get us in touch with your entertainers and we’ll take it from there!